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The Founders

A Lebanese-American couple brings authentic, high-quality products with culture

We are a first generation Lebanese-American husband & wife team bringing you the best taste of Lebanon, while helping our local villages and communities keep the tradition of handpicked foods and handmade goods.

As a health conscience mom and wife, I base a lot of my cooking around the Mediterranean diet which has been proven to be one of the healthiest in the world 5 years in a row! Our menu is highly plant-based, uses Extra Virgin Olive Oil for healthy fat and antioxidants, and some of the healthiest spices packed with antioxidants. So why not bring these high-quality goods we were not able to find here in the states and share them with others.

Lebanese love to entertain through food with our mezze-style appetizers and flavor-packed dishes. We hope to be a part of your kitchen and show you what Lebanon is all about. 

About Little Village Goods

All our products are freshly harvested

L i t t l e V i l l a g e ® P r o d u c t o f L e b a n o n ®
About Little Village Goods - The Story

LVG Story

Lebanese Ingredients, Ancestral Benefits

In the breathtaking mountains of Lebanon, “Little Village Goods” was born—a
small business deeply rooted in tradition and dedicated to preserving the rich
heritage of its land. With a commitment to upholding ancient techniques, Little
Village Goods cultivated wild-grown herbs, produced olive oil, and crafted
pomegranate molasses.

Amidst an ongoing economic crisis, Little Village Goods aimed to make a
difference in the heart of Lebanon’s villages. By forming partnerships with small scale farmers, they became a lifeline for their livelihoods, sustaining cherished
traditions while contributing to the revival of local economies.

The team believes in the power of nature’s gifts. With great care and reverence,
they roamed the mountains, handpicking wild herbs that possessed unparalleled
flavors and remarkable health benefits. These herbs, nurtured by the fertile
Lebanese soil and touched by the Mediterranean sun, became the essence of
their creations.

Guided by ancient wisdom, skilled artisans at Little Village Goods transformed
these wild herbs into aromatic blends and infusions, showcasing their artistry
and dedication. The resulting products were not just nourishing and healthful, but
a testament to their commitment to excellence.

Little Village Goods took immense pride in their commitment to natural, organic
practices. Rejecting the use of preservatives and added sugars, they ensured
that their products maintained pure flavors and healthful qualities. Each batch
underwent rigorous quality control, ensuring that only the finest goods reached
the discerning palates of their customers.

Through their unwavering dedication, Little Village Goods created more than just
a business—they built a bridge connecting distant lands and diverse cultures.
Transforming their passion for tradition, sustainability, and excellence into an
unparalleled experience, they touched the hearts and palates of all who had the
pleasure of savoring their remarkable products.



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