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A Taste of Lebanon

Wild Grown Lebanese Ingredients to the USA

Best Lebanese Products: At our company, we embarked on a journey driven by our passion for authentic Lebanese flavors that seemed elusive within our local community. Fueled by a desire to bring these exquisite tastes to the world, we ventured into the heart of Lebanon’s small villages, discovering hidden culinary gems along the way.

Our mission goes beyond simply sourcing ingredients; we aim to preserve the rich cultural heritage and traditional techniques that make Lebanese cuisine so unique. Through careful selection, we prioritize wild-grown ingredients and hand-pick them with utmost care, ensuring that the nutrients and essence of nature are preserved in every bite.

But our commitment extends further. By forging strong connections with Lebanese artisans, we actively support their livelihoods and empower local communities. Together, we’re nurturing a network that fosters sustainable growth and uplifts these skilled craftsmen.

Join us on this flavorful journey, where every bite tells a story of heritage, resilience, and the unmatched beauty of Lebanon’s culinary traditions. Together, we’re redefining taste, one vibrant ingredient at a time.

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All our products are freshly harvested

L i t t l e V i l l a g e ® P r o d u c t o f L e b a n o n ®

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Fresh taste of first harvest


It is absolutely wonderful! Look at that texture.

Yumna @feelgoodfoodie

Hard to stop drizzling

We are trying not to use the pomegranate daily, but it is sooo GOOD! I eat a lot of salads and it goes with every single one!


Loving it!

My husband loves the EVOO and I'm loving the Pomegranate! We feel so healthy!

Lili Mom and Wife

High Quality and beautifully produced

Thank you for your delicious wild roses and spices too! Really high quality and beautifully produced.

Kareem @thevoicenotechef

Fantastic products. Delicious with full flavour. Wonderful stuff and very quick delivery too!

Roula Miami

Smells amazing!

Just got my order! The zhourat and rose smell soo good! Can't wait to use them.

Ruba @ruba.botanica
L i t t l e V i l l a g e ® P r o d u c t o f L e b a n o n ®


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