Wild Harvested – The New Superfoods

In recent years, we have heard works like non-gmo, organic, clean, healthy, but why hasn’t Wild Harvested been on this list, as it is all of the above in its traits. With the population in the world, food has been farmed, genetically modified and sprayed to produce in mass scale using resources such as feed, water, pesticides. But what is Wild harvested and how is it different?

Wild harvested means the plants are grown in nature, unaltered and undisturbed in their ecosystem, that are carefully handpicked. They are natural and organic, sustainable and ethically sourced, and abundant in nutrients. Plants that grow in the wild develop higher antioxidant and vitamin levels as they are not over-watered, sprayed against pests, or given vitamins through rich soil. They are picked at the peak of their growth and ripeness which enhances their superfood qualities.

Wild harvesting is done by locals which allows it to be also environmentally sustainable and ethically significant as it ensures the protection and care of native plants naturally established in that area and creates opportunities for the villagers.


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