Cilantro Dip with Chips

This Cilantro Dip was introduced to me visiting a family friends house when I was younger, since then I make this whenever we have guests over and it is ALWAYS such a hit.  And so quick and easy to make. Wash the cilantro well, along with the other ingredients then chop small like you would tabbouli, (without the burghol), and you have yourself the best chip and dip. You won’t get enough, even the kids love it! Cilantro is a great detox vegetable too!

Cilantro Dip
• 5 bunches cilantro chopped (good for 4 adults)
• 4 scallions thinly sliced
• 3 tomatoes diced
• a lot of EVOO
• 2 lemons juiced
• salt 

-Tortilla chips


*This recipe should be enough for 4 adults, but add more if you are obsessed like me. A good EVOO is key here to bring out the flavors of the ingredients without over powering. 

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